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Tahaco Vietnam Potrimex Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Vietnamese traditional lacquer and products which are produced with traditional lacquer (paintings, furniture, cooking items, decoration items…)

Tahaco Vietnam Potrimex Co., Ltdはベトナム漆の木から漆工芸品、漆絵、漆家庭用品、漆食器、漆雑貨、漆飾り物を製造している会社である。

Traditional lacquer, which is called Sơn Ta (Laquer) is a natural lacquer from the resin of lacquer tree (rhus succedanea), planted in some areas in Vietnam. Products which are covered with this lacquer can exist in a long time even several centuries with natural effects.

ベトナム伝統漆は漆の木(Rhus Succedanea)から取られる樹脂であり、固定の地域で植えられる。漆で塗装される製品は数百年で使用することができる。

Long time ago, our ancestors used this lacquer to prevent funitures, cooking items, boat, working tools and many others from insects, natural effects.


Now we use this for lacquer paintings, lacquer furniture and other items which make them more valuable, beautiful and durable.


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About Lacquer


Lacquer (Sơn ta) is collected from the resin of Lacquer tree (Rhus succedanea), which is planted in some north areas in Vietnam.


Ingredient of lacquer


After a long time containing, lacquer will separate to 4 layers itself:


  1. First layer 第1段

This lacquer is on the top which is the best quality lacquer. This including much of acid uushic which gives dark and glossy brown colour. This lacquer is used to make lacquer paintings, furnitures, cooking tools and other items.


  1. Second layer 第2段

This lacquer is under the first layer which gives medium quality. This lacquer is almost used to make lacquer paintings, furnitures, cooking tools and other items.


  1. Third layer 第3段

This layer is near the bottom which gives low quality. This lacquer is used as glue for wood or bamboo products. We can mix this lacquer with wood powder which is more effective.


  1. Fourth layer 第4段

This layer is lacquer water which is on the bottom. Until now, we have not found the usage of this layer.



Application うるしの応用

– Lacquer is not harmful to people’s health. That’s why we use this to cover cooking tools such as bowl, spoon, fork, disk, basket…


– Lacquer gives a very good armo for products. Our ancestor use lacquer to cover wood, bamboo and leather items such as furniture, painting, boat… Actually until now many lacquer paintings and furnitures still remain their beauty and quality because they have a very special armo – lacquer. Vietnamese people use lacquer to maintain and keep the beauty of pagodas and old temples, palace.


– Lacquerware and souvenir


– Glue for bamboo and wood furniture


– Cover the electric line and other line to prevent them from outside effects